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An International Journal
Edited by: Luigi Colazzo (Univ. of Trento, Italy)

Managing Editor: Nicola Villa

Publish-or-Perish H-Index (January 2017): 17 (based on Publish or Perish)
Scopus-SJR Index (2013): 0.246
Scopus-SNP Index (2013): 0.54

ISSN: (Online) 1971-8829 - (Paper) 1826-6223
Frequency: three issues each year
Copyright ©: Italian e-Learning Association (SIe-L)

ANVUR Ranking: A-Class for Sector 11-D1 and 11-D2 

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Focus on: ICT and Experiential Learning: Models, Methodologies, Technologies, Research

Second cover PDF
In this number PDF
Nicola Villa  


Editorial PDF
Filomena Faiella  

Invited Papers

Faculty Perceptions and Use of Experiential Learning In Higher Education PDF
Scott Wurdinger, Pete Allison  

Peer Reviewed Papers

Experiential Learning and Knowledge Building in Higher Education: an Application of the Progressive Design Method PDF
Stefano Cacciamani  
A Multimodal Sound Installation for Experiential Learning PDF
Luca Andrea Ludovico, Giorgio Presti, Corrado Saija  
Enhancing Higher Education Students’ XXI Century Skills through Co-writing Activities in Science Teaching PDF
Antonella Poce, Francesco Agrusti, Maria Rosaria Re  
IAM & PNA: from Instructional Design to a Usability Test for Learning. Understanding, Designing and Analysing the Technology Appropriation Process PDF
Maria Denami, Benjamin E. Luft  
A Pedagogical Model to Deconstruct Moving Pictures in Virtual Learning Environments and its Impact on the Self-concept of Postgraduate Students PDF
José António Marques Moreira  
Experiential Learning for teacher training: a case example on language, content and technologies in a Learning Event by eTwinning PDF
Letizia Cinganotto  
Methodologies and Technologies to support Didactics for Competences. Realization of an Active and Participatory teaching activity in a University Context PDF
Orlando De Pietro, Maurizio De Rose, Antonella Valenti  

Peer Reviewed Papers - out of focus 

Education Students’ Attitude towards the Use of Gamification for Competencies Development PDF
Amparo Galbis-Córdoba, José Martí-Parreño, Rafael Currás-Pérez  
Adaptive Peer Grading and Formative Assessment PDF
Giovannina Albano, Nicola Capuano, Anna Pierri  
An examination of the Applicability of Biggs' 3P Learning Process Model to Italian University PDF
Massimiliano Barattucci, Stefano Pagliaro, Dario Cafagna, Daniela Bosetto

Peer Reviewed Communications 

Hortari: A Gamification Application for Engaged Teaching and Learning in Higher Education PDF
Junar Arciete Landicho, Anghela Perpetua A Dela Cerna, Jeric James G Marapao, Gerwin P Balhin, Rachelle M Paid